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The law firm De Benetti & Co is based in Padua, in the heart of the North East of Italy, within easy reach of Venice, Bologna and Milan.

The study operates throughout Italy thanks to the new headquarters located in the heart of Rome (Palazzo Grazioli).

The firm has been conceived as a cooperation among qualified Lawyers and Consultants, with specialised knowledge and experience in all key areas of Italian Law.

Our aim is to offer the most complete legal assistance as well as a liaison with experts in the areas of taxation, property and commercial issues.

We quote our fees from the first contact with our clients and our key to success is to act always as independent lawyers in the exclusive interest of our clients.



Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti

Massimiliano, senior partner, is qualified as Italian lawyer (Avvocato) and member of the Law society of Padua. He graduated in Law at the University of Ferrara with a degree of 110/110 summa cum laude. He did part of his training with an important international Law Firm based in London. He then consolidated his experience with a Law firm based in Padova focusing on the areas of Contract Law, Company Law and Probate Law. He achieved the Doctorate in Contract and Obligation Law in 2008 and worked as contract Researcher with the University of Padua. He did also teach as adjunct professor in a Master in Technology Transfer of the United Nations. Among his degrees: Masters in Company Law and International Commercial Contract Law. Massimiliano is also President of the Youth Commission of the Padua Civil Lawyers' Chamber. Massimiliano is qualified in Legal English (Legal English courses at the University of Cambridge) and has an excellent knowledge of English language. Publications

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Avv. Alessia Pittelli

Alessia Pittelli is qualified as Italian lawyer (Avvocato) and member of the Law society of Padua . She graduated at Law at the University of Padua with a diploma thesis in Constitutional Law. She is attending specialization courses and classes in Administrative and Family Law, with special focus in Administrative trials. She has a good knowledge of French language.

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Dott.ssa Giada Zoccarato

Giada Zoccarato is qualified as Italian trainee lawyer and is enrolled in the Law Society of Padua. She graduated at Law at the University of Padua with a diploma thesis in Public Law. She has a good knowledge of English language.

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Dott. Davide Toubai Babazadeh

Davide Toubai Babazadeh, an Italian citizen of Iranian origin, has been enrolled in the register of tranee lawyers of the Law society of Padua since 10 May 2018. He graduated in Law at the Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna with a thesis on Commercial Law titled A new way of doing business. The Benefit Companies . He has a good knowledge of English and French.

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Luciana Ispani - Solicitor

Luciana is qualified as a solicitor in September 1997. She graduated from London University (sitting the external programme), and then went to Staffordshire University to sit the Legal Practice Course. She completed her training with a High Street firm in Beckenham, Kent, specialising in Property Law, undertaking development work for large developers as well as general residential conveyancing work. She left PJH in 2001 and went to niche practise in the city to head up and develop their property department. Her work there consisted mainly of commercial property work and high net worth residential conveyancing work for Italian investors and Italian companies. She also carried out some probate work as well. Luciana left the city in 2004 and has since returned to PJH practising all areas of property law. From January 2012 she cooperates with De Benetti & Co. as an English solicitor in charge of all conveyancing and probate issues for estates set in the U.K.


Dott. Andrea Redivo Zaglia

Andrea is specialised in property transation, taxation and evaluation. He graduated in Political Economic Sciences at the University of Padua and obtained an international MBA degree at Clemson University, USA. After a 10 year career as Retail Manager working for a famous American multi-national, he decided to specialize in the Italian estate business, focusing in prestigious properties in the Veneto region. Andrea is a licensed estate agent (registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Padua) and member of F.I.M.A.A. (Italian Federation of Business Estate Agents). He is the manager of Properties in Italy, a company specialised in the sale of properties located in Venice and the Veneto. Andrea can speak English, French, Spanish, German, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian.


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